Thursday, February 20, 2014

Salineno's Orioles

Salineno is at the Rio Grande edge but with in 100 yards of the river is a feeding station for  song birds including three kinds of Orioles.  South Texas has Altimiras but only a few places here  also have Audubon and Hooded Orioles. So it is a great destination and hour and half away. More photos of other species from this morning will follow.

             The first three orioles are immature Altimira without the bright orange color.                           Altimiras are only found on near the Rio and south into Mexico.

                                Immature Audubon Oriole on the hummingbird feeder

Male Audubon Oriole have  yellow body not orange with more black on head and neck.

                      These are Hooded Orioles. They differ in their head patterns.

                 These are females,  immature or first year orioles, really quite confusing all in all but beautiful.

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