Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feeding Songbirds at Salineno

Salineno feeding station was closed for safety reasons last year, not by choice of the two couples who reside and feed the birds. They take donations for seeds, peanutbutter, citrus fruit,  and sugar for the hummingbird feeders. The station draws a small audience daily with enough folding chairs for most. Many species of birds come in to feed. One of the residents said they report their birds weekly with not variation of birds. Last year a small feeding station closer to the Rio was maintain by the couples who had to drive to the river trail. But there was a rumor that the Brown Jay made a few visits, we could not prove it. 

 Long-billed Thrasher
Orange-crown Warbler

Female Cardinal, thought it was a Pyrthuloxia when she was in the shadows.

  Cardinal (M) with peanutbutter on beak

Green Jay eating seeds 

Waiting her turn

Immature Oriole at hummingbird feeder

Green Jays at seed feeder
Oriole eating grapefruit 

Altimira at combo feeder

White-winged Doves by the Rio

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