Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hook-billed Kites at Mission Nature Park

Mission Nature Park is mainly a biking trail close to the levy. Our target bird was the Hook-bill Kite, a rarity from Mexico, who flies over the trail while searching for snails on the trees which were scare because of the drought in the Rio Valley. Many Birders seemed to have wait two hours to spot them. Since it was foggy we came later than some but were lucky after an hour. Three flew over at 10 and two roasted on a tree not that far away. The view was through the treetop branches. The female stayed for viewing for the dozen or more birders who gathered around one of two scopes. My Cannon PowerShot caught her in the tree and Gunnar's got one of them flying over. So I would say it was a successful adventure.  Thank you Gunnar for the flying shots and your company. 

     The naturalists and professional birders agreed that this was a female. Five Kites have been seen here.

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