Saturday, February 22, 2014

Butterfly Walk at Estero

Finally a Friday without rain or wind so the scheduled  Butterfly Walk at Estero was the place to be. It was 76 degrees with full sun and a little breeze. I thought the butterfliers would out number the butterflies. But actually, having more eyes helped locate them. Before we started the Green Kingfisher sited from the deck and I spotted the  Black-chin. 

Black-chin Hummingbird (male)

             Green Kingfisher (male)

Checkered White
                                                   White Checkered Skipper

                                                               White Checkered Skippers Mating

Brown Longtail
                                                                   Cassius Blue


                                               Fiery Skipper

                                                                            Texas Crescent

             Tropical Leafwing

Gray Hairstreak

Great Purple Hairstreak

Ceraunus Hairstreak

                                        Gulf Fritillary



 Laviana White Skipper


                             Little Yellow
Phanon Crescents

Here are some of the Butterfliers that spent the day chasing, 
standing,focusing and shooting.

                                            Connie, Chuck, and May

                                                    Connie, Chris, and the couple from Morehead, MN

Here's to Sue, my butterfly mentor and 
Carolee who had to leave before sunny days

                                                                   Orange Sulfur


Some one spotted this yellow and Dave figured it out.  An Assassin Bug paralyzed this butterfly, we could not scare it. So it was photography practice. My Cannon SX50 Cannon did not have to be so close as the 
Power Shot SX20. Dave is trading his in when he gets back to Ontario. 

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