Sunday, February 23, 2014

White-face Ibis, Cinnamon Teal & Yellow Legs

Continued from February 22nd . . .                                    
  The photos are from Willow and Pintail Lakes  at Santa Ana. On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays Joanie and Mark (from the UP of Michigan) guide at Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge. They are volunteers at the park for 3/6 months. They are excellent bird guides and are helping for any level of birder, as do the wonderful guides at Estero.

                                                     Ibis working for his food.
 White Face Ibis are named because the adults have no feathers from their eyes
 to their beaks so their skin show.

        These are Greater Yellow Legs rather than Lesser which Gunnar thinks are cooler.

                                                           Greater Yellow Legs

                                                   Cinnamon Teal and a Green-wing Teal

                                                   Snow Geese very high, must have been 200.
            It was a lovely sight to behold. They were so high we could not hear them at all.

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  1. Yellowlegs - winged misnomers. They should be the Greater Yellowlegs and the Cooler Yellowlegs.