Saturday, February 22, 2014

Santa Ana's Pauraques and Clay-colored Thrushes

This mornings's bird walk at Santa Ana started out well seeing a Clay-colored Thrush, Altimira Orioles, Green Jays at the feeder with the Red-wing Black Birds. On the 3 1/2 hour walk four Clay-colored Thrushes were spots through out the refuge. The Common Pauraque was a first for me at Santa Ana. There are rumors that here are four but I only saw one. The Anas have not been seen for 10 days. The cloud cover made the walk very comfortable. My elusives are still elusives. Verdin and Northern Beardless Tyrannulet were heard but not seen. The next post will be water birds of Santa Ana. Thank you Mark and Joanie for the guiding and sharing your knowledge and passion for birds and nature.

               Common Pauraque, member of the Goat-suckers (Nighthawk and Whippoorwill)

                      The male Red-wing Black Birds are pests at the feeders but beautiful. 

                   The Clay-colored Thrush used to be named Clay-colored Robin. 
                                              American Robins are Thrushes.

                                              Here is a Green Jay with the Thrush.

                                 Waiting for the feeder or water to open up.

                         The male Golden-fronted Woodpecker above and female below.

                                    The Lesser Goldfinch, male above and female below. 

                                                   Eastern Phoebe

                                                 Kiskadee - sings his name.

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